Gibson Bayou Church, est. 1865

Gibson Bayou Cemetery was established in 1865 and is the site of Gibson Bayou Church, which was originally located on the north bank of Gibson Bayou. This cemetery remains active and was recently named as a Historical Landmark. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Crittenden County. Relatives of people who are buried here continue to maintain this cemetery through voluntary donations.

Location: 3 miles north of Earle on US Highway 149

For more information regarding donations, use of the Church, arranging a burial or the annual fundraser official, official contact information is provided below:




Gibson Bayou Church and Cemetery Committee

c/o Crittenden Lodge #607

705 Commerce Street

Earle, AR  72331


Jim Bond  (870) 636-0007 call/text


Kenneth J. WatSon (901) 299-7231 call/text (EVENINGS ONLY PLEASE)